Swim Meets

Time trial – Time trials are run throughout the swimming year during squad training sessions and gives the swimmers the chance to update times in order to gain entry to swimming meets.


‘Club Only’ galas – The club runs several ‘in house’ galas each year to introduce new and inexperienced swimmers to competition.


Development Gala (March) and  Summer Splash (June) are examples of this. Times gained at these galas will be used to enable swimmers to enter the next level of swimming meets.


Beta League – The Beta League is an inter-club league between the six/seven competitive Aberdeen Swimming clubs. Although extremely competitive it is organised to encourage competition in a fun and friendly way and to give experience to the clubs’ developing swimmers.


Club Meet – a non-accredited/licensed meet. Our Club Championships meet is the highlight of the Club year. Swimmers are entered for all events appropriate to their age group and sex. The emphasis is on participation and fun. Any times achieved, however, will not be officially recognised.


Mini Meet – these are relaxed meets aimed at the younger, less experienced swimmer nominally aged11/Under.  The meets are usually accredited/licensed which means they are completed under full swimming rules and regulations where a full complement of officials will be present.  These get the swimmer used to official competitive events with any times achieved being officially recognised. Cut off times are given for each event whereby a swimmers entry time must be slower than the cut off time before they will be accepted.


Graded Meet – these are accredited/licensed meets completed under full swimming rules and regulations. They are designed to encourage novice swimmers or those who do not have times to qualify for open events. A cut off time is given for each event whereby swimmers entry times must be slower than the time given. Medals are not awarded to those swimming faster than the cut off time on the day, however, “too fast” certificates are often presented to swimmers who exceed the cut off time.


Open Meet – an accredited/licensed competition in which any affiliated club, organisation or individual may enter.  At an open meet (or in an open event) there are no restrictions on age, speed or club affiliation. The swimmer must be a member of a recognised swimming organisation e.g. SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association).


District Meet – Scotland is divided into swimming districts within SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) with the North District being the area to which we belong.  The North District covers the North of Scotland and the Islands. North District affiliated clubs enter these accredited/licensed meets which can be in both age group and open format.


National Meet – Senior, age group and open competitions for all swimmers who make the qualifying standard within Scotland or, indeed, the rest of the UK. In Scottish national events, for example, non-Scots may enter however, the fastest Scot to complete each event determines the best swimmers in Scotland.



What does it all mean?


Licensed Meet – is a competition that has been approved by the SASA.  Only times from licensed and accredited meets can be used to enter most competitions.


Accredited Meet – is a competition where there is a full complement of officials and all the rules of swimming will be applied.


Accredited Time – this is a time obtained at an accredited SASA meet – a meet which has been registered with SASA and has the required complement of officials in attendance. Accredited times are required for entry to many higher level competitions.


SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association)- the governing body of swimming in Scotland.


FINA (Federation Internationale Natation Amateur)- the world’s governing body of swimming.



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