Successful “bag pack” at Asda

Successful “bag pack” at Asda

Dear All

We are pleased to report that we raised £757.42 at the ASDA bag pack on Sunday.  Thank you very much to the following swimmers/parents who helped out on the day:

Maggie Syversen, Owen and Brian Arris, Raymond and Sasha Esselmont, Lauren and Gary Connel, Alexandra and Olesya Boyd, Zoe and Caroline Duringer, James/Isabel/Stuart/Anil and Emalene Jutagir , Leah and Clare Main, Verity and Wendy Bremner, Logan and Kim Forsyth, Catya and Wibke Macduff, Calum /Cara and Caroline Harvey, Adham and Mostafa Sayed, Arran and Michelle Matthews, Finlay Green and Dawn Cormack, Laura Rettie, Sam/Jack and Deborah Evans, Brodie and Graham Walker, Lorraine Esson, Andrew and Catriona Morrison Bell, Jess Carns and Dianne Tomas, Sarah and Emma Hill, Robyn and Duncan Collie, Andrew and Ian Brodie

We hope if you weren’t able to help this time that you might consider giving up 1 hour of your time to help in the future. It is a relatively easy way for the Club to raise funds. We are a not for profit organisation so all funds raised are ploughed back into the Club to benefit us all. For example we are able to keep the costs down on Social functions and purchase equipment. We filled only 32 of the 60 time slots ASDA gave us, so clearly there is the potential to raise even more money in the future.

Once again thank you for you support.

The bag pack team (Deborah, Michelle and Caroline)