Message to Parents –
Club Championships


Dear parents,

As I am sure you are aware we have our Club Championships on Sunday so to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible please can you read below and have a chat with your children.

Warm up will start at 8am so can we ask that all children be poolside by 7.50am please.

Northfield pool have asked that we do not have outdoor shoes on in the changing room so please use the blue overshoes that should be provided and that children have a poolside pair of shoes to use. Also, where possible, can all earrings be removed before swimming please as they can get caught or lost in the pool.

As Northfield Academy will be closed for Christmas we will have to use the lobby for officials lunches. Obviously this will be a tight squeeze! Therefore, can we encourage parents who are not helping to leave the building for lunchtime. Also, this is not a chaperoned gala so children will not be supervised by the coaches/parent helpers if they are left at the pool during this period so it may be an idea to take your children away from the pool for an hour if possible. The morning session should finish by 12.30pm and swimmers need to be back at the pool by 12.55pm for the afternoon warm-up (please note that your child will finish earlier than 12.30pm but the finish time includes the mornings medal presentations).

We will be running a chocolate tombola on Sunday. Whilst we appreciate this may not be in line with our healthy eating plan the committee feel that is is one of the highlights of the club championships for the children and also a good fundraiser for the club. However, we would ask that parents supervise their children at the tombola and give them an appropriate amount of money to spend. Please encourage your child to keep their winnings until after the gala or hold onto them for your child.

Finally, you will be able to take photographs of your child, forms will be available at the desk from our Child Protection Officer, Clare Main. Please ask your child to always have their poolside top on when not swimming, coaches will also be telling the children to do this. No parents are allowed poolside unless in an official capacity and as such you can only take photos from the spectating area.

The Club Championships are the highlight of the clubs calendar and we hope it will be a fantastic day for the children. All Christmas accessories are encouraged and that includes the parents!

The committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support throughout 2015 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and swimmingly good 2016!

ADSC Committee

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