Aberdeen Dolphin needs you as a Timekeeper


We are arranging sessions for parents to train as a timekeeper. For those new to competitive swimming, timekeepers are the officials at the ends of the lanes during swimming meets who record the actual times of the swimmers – a vital role. We need three timekeepers per lane so the more trained timekeepers our club has available the better! With six lanes, Northfield Pool needs 18 timekeepers for each meet.

Swimming clubs like Aberdeen Dolphin rely on swimmers’ parents volunteering to become officials. The officials at the swimming meets we attend are all volunteers from the participating clubs and we are expected to contribute officials to each of the meets we attend. Becoming a timekeeper helps us ensure that our club can provide officials for these meets.

Ideally we’d like each swimmer to have at least one parent or older sibling (over 14) trained as a timekeeper or other official, so please help us achieve this by volunteering. Timekeeper training is paid for by the club and there are perks – when you are a timekeeper at a meet you are guaranteed a seat with a good view of the pool!

Training is very easy and involves attending a theory session / presentation (about 2 hours) immediately followed by a short practical session (about 45 mins) timing swimmers in the pool.
If you are interested in attending a training session please respond to ejutagir@hotmail.co.uk or feel free to speak to one of us (Emalene & Anil) poolside. One of us’ll be around when Stuart (Yellow squad) or Isabel (Junior Red) is swimming.

If you are already on the training waiting list, we have emailed you today with proposed dates. If you think you should be on the waiting list but have not received this email, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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